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What shall we call it?

I'm very excited, because it sounds like there's some support for this "NaNoWriMo" for sewing.

I'm excited to start this for the month of January. Let's plan on going from Jan 1 - Jan 31.

Since this hasn't been done before, let's try to hash out some ideas.

1. What shall we call this thing? We can't call it NaNoSewMo, since there's no "Novel" involved (that's the "No" in "NaNoWriMo"). I'd rather not use "Na", since I want to be inclusive for everyone, even if we're not in the same country. How about IntSewMo (Internation Sewing Month)? Any other suggestions?

2. How shall we measure progress? I like the idea of measuring linear inches sewn, but that may not work for everyone. Besides, then you have to measure everything as you go along. I also really like the idea of measuring how many yards of stash were used (my stash is taking over my life), and some folks seem to like the idea of tracking hours devoted. I propose that everyone who wants to participate choose one or more of these methods, rather than tying ourselves down to a single method. What do you think?

3. How much progress shall we accomplish in a month? Obviously, this depends on which measurement(s) you're using. I think I'll set my own goals to 1000 linear inches sewn, and 10 yards of stash used. What sounds good to you?

What else should we decide on before January?

I'd love to hear stories from the front from everyone about what they'd like to sew, and what fabrics they think they'll use. Pictures would, of course, be extra lovely.
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