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Sewing so far

Ok, I have no idea how to quantify this, but I want to record all the things I've been doing

Grey pants - completed

1. Hand tacked cuffs up so they don't fall down
2. Machine stitched button hole (my design turns out to be difficult for the button hole -- it ended up too high)
3. Machine stitched button on (my first time!) I missed slightly, so it's not as clean as I'd like it to be, but I'm just happy to have it done.
4. Created self-lined patch pockets. They're shaped like the pockets on jeans.
5. Stitched patch pockets onto pants butt. I got them nicely balanced, but positioned about two inches lower than I'd like. It's not bad enough to bother ripping them out, but I'll use this as reference next time

Brown Jacket - in process

1. Chose a pattern. Two, actually. One pattern for a shawl collared jacket in my size, one pattern for a notched collared jacket from an old Burda magazine (not my size). They're both princess-seamed.
2. Cut out shawl collared jacket pattern
3. Copied out all the pattern pieces I needed from Burda
4. Melded the two jackets
5. Cut out Burda pieces
6. Re-drew, and re-cut several Burda pattern pieces (because I forgot to put the 5/8" seam allowance on them
7. Washed brown fabric (4 1/2 yards of 96% cotton 4% spandex purchased from silkasha)
8. Washed rust colored lining material (3 1/2 yards of synthetic lining acquired for free from fabric swap)
9. Cut all pieces from brown fabric (jacket fronts, jacket front facings, jacket back, jacket front sides, jacket back sides, jacket sleeves, jacket under-sleeves, sleeve tabs, large pocket pieces, some small pocket pieces)
10. Cut all pieces from ridiculously expensive interfacing (fusible "jacket" facing $4.50/yard from Hancocks) - (jacket fronts, jacket front sides, collar pieces, pocket pieces)
11. Cut all pieces from lining material (jacket fronts minus front facing, jacket front sides, jacket back, jacket back sides, jacket sleeves, jacket undersleeves). I very nearly ran out of fabric for the lining fabric. I just barely, barely made it. I had to cut each sleeve sleeve part separately in order to get it out of the fabric (instead of cutting two layers at once).
12. Fused all interfacing to appropriate pieces of brown fabric (also ironed those pieces first, so they wouldn't be wrinkly when fused).
13. overcast edges of most brown fabric pieces
14. overcase edges of most rust lining fabric pieces
15. Stitched many seams for brown fabric: (fronts to sides, back to sides, sides to sides, facing to front)
16. Stitched many seams for lining fabric (fronts to sides, back to sides, sides to sides)
17. Stitched collar together, clipped it, graded the seams, applied fray check to the corners, top stitched it to keep its shape.

Errors made:
1. Stitched the facing to the front too early (and clipped the seam!!!). I need to rip some of this to get the collar attached correctly.
2. Stitched back facing to back incorrectly. I didn't finish this seam, but it needs to be ripped, now.
3. Snipped the center of my middle finger on my left finger. It bled a bit (on the lining material). It seems fine now.

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I'd forgotten how much of sewing has nothing to do with sitting at the machine, and everything to do with cutting and ironing. *sigh*
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