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'nother sewing update

1. Stitched the lining sleeves together (but they'd gotten horribly stretched out at some point -- so they don't match well. They'll need trimming.
2. Made the sleeve tabs: stitched them, trimmed the seam allowance, applied fray check, pressed them, did two rows of top stitching
3. Sewed up the jacket sleeves, and attached the sleeve tabs (1/2" up from where they'll be hemmed.
4. Decided to use the Threads magazine bagged lining method -- which will require ripping one seam, but otherwise works with what I've already done.
5. Ripped yesterday's mistakes
6. Stitched the back facing onto the back lining, snipped, applied fray check
7. Realized I cannot continue on the sleeves until I know what buttons I plan to use. *sigh* Time to pull out the button cannister.



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Hurray for no errors & no injuries!

I think it helped that I went to bed before I was completely exhausted.

When I'm sewing I get to a point where I just keep wanting to push on just a little more, and eventually I do something(s) stupid.
I try to stop myself when my eyes start crossing!
That's tough when I'm most awake in late evenings.