One of the best Lesleys of all time. (theoryofgravity) wrote in sew_motivate,
One of the best Lesleys of all time.

January Sewing-A-Bunch Update

Due to unexpected levels of busyness, I've been slow to get started on this. I will post pictures of finished objects as soon as I find time to take them.

Last weekend I:

1. Began a tiered skirt, got halfway through and scrapped it because I didn't like the way the fabric was acting (it was bargain-bin fabric, always a risk).

2. Started and finished a princess-seamed top out of a remnant of embroidered stretch twill, mostly to try out a new pattern and adjust the fit (the shoulders were waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay far apart! WTF?).

3. Started a shoulder bag (lined, with an applique) from scraps and remnants. I'm about 80% finished with this.

4. Cut out a new jacket pattern.

This weekend I hope to:

1. Cut fabric and try out the new jacket pattern.

2. Draft a circle-skirt pattern piece to connect with a yoke from another pattern.

3. Try out circle-skirt-on-yoke idea (and hopefully eat up some of the fabric taking over our apartment).

4. Try the princess-seamed top pattern with a non-stretchy fabric and adjust for fit.

5. Figure out something to do with the 1.5 yards of nice faux fur I have before winter is over.
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