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Introductions to self and projects.

This is your standard newbie post. I recently fell into sewing in a big way, and now find myself addicted and craving fellow sewing fanatics for support, opinions, and guidance. So when I read the descrip for this commm. it sounded fitting.

Mainly I'm a costumer, Ren Faire and Sci-Fi Fantasy conventions are what I usually sew for. Although recently I've started making my own everyday clothes and I'm liking that more and more.

Right now I have a Elizabethian Noble dress on the table, but it's on the back burner.

The pertinant project at the moment is a semi-formal dress for a wedding on Sept. 3, being short on cash I thought I'd be able to whip it up. However since I'm altering a pattern it's proving a little more complicated.

This is the fabric, brown/copper silk duponi, unbleached muslin, ruffle eyelet lace.

This is the pattern, Butterricks 4513

I love the front of the dress, and the sketch of the skirt is fabulously full. However the pattern itself is merely a circle skirt with elastic in the back, and would not look that full without a petticoat.

So I got the brilliant idea since i had so much fabric do the back half of the skirt in cartridge pleats which would give me the fullness without the petticoat ( at least in theory). With a layer of muslin under the silk to thicken it up a bit. Of course this would mean getting rid of the elastic (which I hate) and I thought a wide corseted back would take the place of a zipper for the bodice.

Here is a sketch of my theory.

I'm going to start the mock up tomorrow but before I did I want to make such some more experienced people didn't see some huge flaw in this plan of action that I have not. And I want to sleep on it myself and see if I can see a problem.
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