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Though this community seems to be barely functioning(sadly), I'll have my go at it :3

A little bit of an introduction,

I live in Seattle, I did attend the AIS for fashion design for 1 year. There are several reasons why I left. Between then and now I've made 2 costumes, and am now working on a third.

Current project-

I designed a simple babytop tunic/dress with puff sleeves with bias trimmed placket/vent and bias made ties for closure. It has a "kimono" bodice where one piece goes over the other, I'm trying to decide if I want darts or gathers. It's empire waisted, which gives free flow to an a-line cut which should end about mid thigh. The fabric is a cheap satin and will probably have to be lined in the bodice, and maybe a second layer of lining around the body of the garment. The back will be a 3 button closure, but not with a button placket, just hoops/loops for buttons. Also to go with this, a pair of light pink bloomers trimmed with "confetti" ribbon purchased to match the fabric.

Accessories will include a polar fleece anti pill backpack, with functioning inner pouch and a green lizard like stuffed animal.

My goal is to look like a character from a manga(japanese b&w comic book) called Mikako from Gokinjo Monogatari by Ai Yazawa. My other goal, is to challenge myself to work with satin, bias, and draping.

I've decided to skip out on flat pattern drafting as I do not like it, and since I did my block a year or so ago I have changed in size and am not interested in remaking a new block. I've decided to drape on my dressform and see how that goes. It's been a while since i've draped, so we'll see how that goes.
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...I just joined as well, and am glad that anybody is doing anything! Best of luck with this project, and keep us posted!