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Simon Maynard

I'm a grandpa!!

I'm a grandpa, have been now for a whole week!
Joshua David was born 24 July at 9.47pm (9 pounds 12 1/2 oz- a big boy!).
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He and Bek (my daughter, his Mum) are staying with me out at "Djapana" at the moment, which is wonderful for me! As I'm a night owl and Bek isn't, I'm doing the 'nightshift' with feeds etc, he's a very good baby, so it's usually fairly easy to work out what he needs, and he doesn't complain unless there is something he needs (food, wet nappy, wind). Of course I might be biased but I think he's adorable.

If anyone knows of any good places online to get patterns or other sewing guides for baby clothes and equipment/toys, I'd love the URLs?
Pop Simon

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You can find a lot of reasonably priced patterns on ebay.

I saw on Joann's website they will have Mccalls patterns for $1.99 at their stores Aug 9-11 . I plan to get several patterns then.