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Stopping Sewing Procrastination!

With a little help from friends

Motivation for Sewing Projects!
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Do you find yourself procrastinating when you have a sewing project to finish?
Do you find yourself wanting to do a project, but not having the motivation to start?

Well, you've come to the right place.

Here, we motivate each other. When you get an idea for a project you want to do (other types of similar crafting projects are cool too, but it's mostly geared towards sewing), post it! Everyone else, comment with motivational ideas.

Then, post your progress reports. Post what you have done so far, what you still need to do, and when you expect to be done.

Everyone must take an active role in motivating others. That's what this community is for! Everyone is also encouraged to exchange instant messenger names with other members, so that we can motivate each other that way as well.

Be nice to one another! Everyone is at different skill levels, so be considerate of others' feelings.

Feel free to promote your crafting related community (within reason), but no auctions or ads please *unless* the item being sold is the item that you were giving us progress reports on, and the auction ad appears under a cut tag in your final report on the project.

LJ-Cut, LJ-Cut! It is your friend. Learn how to do one here. If you're posting more than one picture, or a picture that is more than 500x500, put it under a cut so as to not deform people's friends' pages.

If you post any URLs, please also make sure that they're not so long that they'll deform people's friends' pages. For long URLs, do something like this:
<*a href="http://yoururl.com"*>A Short Description of the Link<*/a*>, only take out the stars (*).

Have fun! We're here to have fun, and motivate!

Your mods,
kali_kali and ursulamagdalena.